I need help, a writing partner and/or artist! HELP!

Hi there!

My name is P.Garcia and I’m looking for help. I’m from Holland, so English isn’t my first language. I love to write and I love to create a beautiful story. My first story on episode was a huge hit, but got banned. I created new stories, but I’m not getting my readers back…

I really would like to create something special, with nice artwork. I’m looking for a co-writer and/or artist.

I’m a romance writer. If you want to know what you’re dealing with first, please read my stories:
When I met you…
Life after school
C’est la Vie

I really hope someone will help me.


Lots of love,


Hi can i help?

I really hope so. How are you able to help me?

I could give you ideas and help make the plot etc.

That would be great. Could you PM me?


I can do art if you want… I make covers and splashes… pm me if interested

I will. Thanks. I’m already talking with an artist. So I’ll keep you in mind. Thank you so much.

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No problem

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