I need help! Advanced directing tips?

How do I put actors in the background. Say for a party scene?

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For a party scene…


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Ok, I’ll get you the script in a sec.

Thank you so much!

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While your waiting, can you please send me the outfits of your characters so i can make your art scene?

Yep sorry about that!

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Wait, how many peeps are there?

theres 6 mabye 7

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Ok, here.

@MAINCHARACTER spot 1.280 160 0 in zone 1
@MAINCHARACTER moves to layer 3
@CHARACTER spot 0.565 105 247 in zone 1
@CHARACTER moves to layer -2
@CHAR spot 0.702 34 198 in zone 1
@CHAR moves to layer 3
@PERSON spot 0.143 302 480 in zone 1
@PERSON moves to layer 3
@CHAR1 spot 0.441 281 305 in zone 1
@CHAR1 moves to layer 3
@CHAR2 spot 0.428 244 316 in zone 1 AND CHAR2 is rear AND CHAR3 is rear AND CHAR is rear
@CHAR2 moves to layer 3
@CHAR3 spot 0.453 279 308 in zone 1
@CHAR3 moves to layer 3

Thank you so much!

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You are so welcome. :slight_smile:

Sorry if I accidently tagged people.

Heyy Girl!! This might help youu! :blush:

Hi, CareBear17!
I see that someone has already provided a template for you. That is awesome, but I would also like to direct you to some resources that may assist you if you want to place background characters by yourself. Not every party scene is going to use a specific background from a template, so learning how to spot direct (another term for placing actors, but with more freedom and precision) will allow you to use that knowledge for every other scene you have in mind for your story.


Don’t know what the heck spot directing is? Dara Amarie explains it very well on her website.
Dara Amarie’s Guide to Spot Directing

Joseph Evans has a great tutorial for spot directing on Youtube. I suggest you check out his Youtube channel for more advanced coding skills that can be utilized in your Episode stories.
Joseph Evans’ Spot Directing Tutorial

And you don’t even need to use spot directing for placing background characters. Sometimes using the basic placement commands can be boring for the reader, so you can use spot directing to add more realism and interest to your story. Perhaps you want to make your character fly, or make them look super tiny? With spot directing, you can do anything!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to PM me! :wink:

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