I need help/advice with a story?


Hi guys I am currently writing my first story and I kind of worried people won’t like it.
So I need some help/advice! :confused:

I am trying to write a story description that will draw people to my story and I am not sure mine is good enough. :neutral_face:

So far I came up with this :
Theo, a new hot shot detective is faced with the biggest serial killer case the country has ever seen. Will he be able to solve the case or will he find himself distracted?

And secondly I was just wondering if people would people be interested in a male main character story? :see_no_evil:


I’m not good with story descriptions either lol.

But to answer your second question, yes, I would read a story with a male MC. :slight_smile:




Love the idea!


I like the description, and I would be cool with being a male mc.


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This sounds super interesting and it would be cool to read a story from a male perspective :smiley:


Thank you so much for your opinion I will continue writing it :relaxed:


Thank you for you opinion. I was worried nobody would read the story if it was a male mc. :laughing:
I will continue writing it :grinning:


You’re welcome. Glad to hear!


Hi! First of all, that sounds like a good story idea and yes, I would read a story with a male MC… Second, I do story reviews so if you ever need someone to review it, you can PM me on here, go to my review thread, or message me on Instagram @storiesbytorie! :grin:


I second @v.episode - I would love to review your story when you’ve published/started on it :smiley:


I once read a story with a main male character and honestly I wish there was more. It was different and interesting to see the world as a guy.


Just as @days said I would love to review your story