I need help/advice with the Episode App

I have an episode story and I use advanced directing in it. No one had complaints about any buggs/errors until recently when people started dm-ing me about a game freeze. Restarting the app does not help. The code is complicated but I’m sure it has no mistakes, since it was fine in the beginning.
The bug happens in a scene where I’ve used tappable choices and free panning along the screen. Everything is fine until the game decides to freeze out of a sudden. I don’t know what to do.
I sent an email to Episode but they said that I should see in the Forum.
This only happens to some people tho which is even stranger.
I’d really appreciate any help!
Thanks in advance <3

I have never written a story, but since ive read quite a few stories, I think it is due to an overuse of overlays, Ive had many of my stories glitch, but not for that long. If you are really desperate, I’d say, rewrite the whole script, hopefully that will fix it, but have a copy of your old coding, in case it doesn’t work.
Good luck

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