I need help..(again)


So I want my character to sit on his bed, but when I type the spot it shows me >ERROR: use the word “spot” before the numbers specifying the spot<.
But I did type spot in front of them!:weary:
And now comes the even weirder thing :face_with_raised_eyebrow::
Once I change the second number to 065 or 075, the ERROR vanishes!
I tried to put 085, but then the ERROR shows up again.

This is my script with 085:

And this is my script with 075:

Again, your help would be really much appreciated!:+1:t2::sweat_smile:
Thank all of you!:heartbeat:



So it might have changed but I think you usually do @CHARACTER spot numbers


Try this:
&JORDAN spot 1.000 85 100

I don’t think that it’s necessery to add 0 before 85 (085), just do 85.


You are a real savior, my friend!:sweat_smile::hugs:
Thank you again, it finally works!:grin::joy:


No problem :wink::blush:


I think it is only an & symbol when you are grouping bits of coding into one line not for one single movement.

So instead


PS: Scratch all what I’ve said there since that wasn’t the case :T Anyway good luck with your story!