I need help, agh!

I am creating a story a bit like the story of Jekyll and Hyde, where the MC becomes an evil version of herself whenever the evil part takes over, however in the first scene I was going to do it so that the MC screams faints and then the evil version takes over and gets up instead of the usual MC, but I realised I have no idea how to do this, the evil version is a completly different character so can anyone help and advise me how to do this, thanks?


Maybe put an overlay to hide the evil one and then, in order to show her, move her to an upper layer. Same for the good one, at first she is on an upper layer than the overlay and then, when the evil takes over, she goes behind the overlay to a lower layer

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This is great thanks, but can you maybe send me a little template so I can see how this should look in the script, very grateful thanks!

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If I say no, will you be mad? :relieved:

Create 3 characters: one for the good mc, one for the bad and use the third one as real mc
So you can code that the character becomes the good or the bad one as you want

Change her feautures