I need help ( all my stories have restarted )

Hi can anyone please help me yesterday when I entered the app all my stories have restarted I have some stories that I’m reading like the Sacrifice Series by Jayleefishhugs which are more than 100 episodes and are back to beginning some stories are like in their finales and now I’m back to episode 1. Please help me if you can.

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You need to sent a support ticket
The same thing happen to me and they fixed it!

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Yeah I tried that to no avail

I sent one in yesterday am waiting for a reply but I posted on here just in case.

Also about how much time does it take for they to reply?

Oh, I just looked in my Gmail I got back a response and I’m following the steps. Thank you.

It took me around 4 days in total for the whole process!
Good luch :blush:

Moved to Report a Bug Mobile App since this is an app issue. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :wink:

Hey! I have the same problem all of my stories show the orange line like I have read them but then they reset back to 1. I have sent in a support ticket is there anything else I can do to fix it?

No I sent in a support ticket on Tuesday or Wednesday but I’m still waiting for a reply.

I got a reply to delete the app so they can manually reset it but haven’t gotten another email yet.

Yeah I got one too last Tuesday and I’m still waiting to be able to download it.

Especially since one of my fav stories is nearing the finale, if you know what I mean.

Yeah I know I have a lot of stories that just published episodes yesterday and can’t read them.


What stories do you read

Hi, I have this same issue also! I lost all my progress! Have already sent out a ticket, still awaiting for their response! Every time I try to play a story even if it’s a new one and exit the app even for like 5 minutes, I have to RESTART the story again. What should I do? I spent a lot of time on reading those stories and this is just disheartening because I just want to read updates and yet i don’t know why this is happening. Has this ever happened to anyone before? Will these be able to fixed?

Yeah I sent mine in on Tuesday, they told me to delete the app then they will notify me when they restore it but I haven’t gotten a response, yet.

Yeah, that the point! Really hope they reply those email soon! :sob::sob::sob:

Yeah they will send you an email soon to delete the app it’s also difficult for me Because of the time zone difference even though it’s 3 hours they won’t reply until later for me. I haven’t gotten my second email from them yet.