I need help ASAP I can’t find it

I need action like
“Oh wow stop “ or “surprise with hand like wait “
Note : it is not talk_repulsed or talk_deny_naturel either

Maybe talk mortified

the action don’t exits so wrong

talk_startled ?

Not that

Hmm what do you want the character to react? Like scared, frightened, startled etc.

It is like u are saying “No ! wait !”
It show a lot in The reaper twin

Best way to find it would be to do it this way. That’s what I do.

You can change it to ink and male or female

Already tried but can’t find

talk_scared or something like that?

Do you have a screenshot of one of the characters doing it in the story? Something to make it easier to help find it for you?:blush:

Sadly I don’t :cry:

maybe talk_apathetic?

It doesn’t exits


Is “shocked” the animation you’re looking for?


But it doesn’t show in the script

Right! I forgot to mention it’s a hidden animation but you can use it without getting a warning.

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I loved uuu so muchhh u just save me