I need help asap 😢

Can someone please tell me how to make my characters not magically appear on my screen and to where they are already there please :cry:

Use & instead of @ to place them

If you’re placing them in a different zone, put them there first, then pan/cut to the zone so they don’t pop up randomly; don’t forget to add the zone they’re standing in alongside the command.

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thank you​:blush: you are a life saver :heart::heart:

I’d also suggest doing a transition in on the scene after everyone is placed. Also, make sure you place everyone before you set any of the zooms/zones. Hope this helps too :slight_smile:

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Thank you :heart:
But how would i code it with the zone in it?

@cut to zone # AND zoom on X Y to %

Just an example of the format :slight_smile: Put this after all of your character placements, and before the transition in

You can also do it without the transition, just make sure the cut/zoom line is the last one before dialogue, and use all & symbols instead of @ to make it smoother. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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