I need help asap


Hi guys,
well basically what happened to me was:

  1. I logged off of my new account (where I had already one story with 1 episode, so it was not published)
  2. I logged in into my old account to check out my details, info and stuff, and when i logged off to log in into my new account, i just could not.

I am on computer. When i click on sign up with email, it automatically logs me in into my old account and when i log off and do it again, i still am on the old account!!! i literally have no idea what to do im so stressed out.

jesus help me.


im desperate.


It happened to me too. You need to wait… a while… it took mine 3 weeks


oh my god im gonna die


Hello @eemmxx! This is Camelost and we welcome you to the Forum. Please read the Forum Tutorial so you’ll know where to correctly create topics. Also, if you’re having trouble with your accounts, please submit a ticket here. Our support team is more than happy to help you! :sunglasses:


if someone is having the same problem, here is how i did it:

  1. i logged off on google from all my accounts (google.com)
  2. i logged off from the old episode account (episodeinteractive.com)
  3. i logged in and it gave me a options of all my emails (and one of them was the new one)
  4. i logged in

EZ PZ thank god for helping me.