I need help - Beggining to write


Hello! I am new here. However, I want to create a story and I have a few questions.
Is there any sound for when you slap someone? If so, what is it called?
Also, how can I make more space for my characters in a scene? They basically get one in front of each other? Thanks in advance!


Use spots. Are you on a laptop or phone?




alright so when you preview your story you can see some options like update script, directing helper, story modifiers, etc. Choose ‘Directing Helper’ and then ‘spot helper’

below the preview screen you’ll see something like:
@CHARACTER spot x y z

You can click and drag your character around the screen, and press the ‘Switch tool’ box to change how big or small your character is.
You can also press ‘Switch Character’ to move other characters.

To place them there, copy what it says below the preview screen. It should look like this:

@CHARACTER spot w x y in zone z


Thanks a lot! Do you know the slap sound?


I don’t think they have one, but I’m not sure


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I think there is a sound very used to “the slap”

The name is : thwack

To use the sound in the script you only need to write :

sound thwack

I hope it helps :sparkling_heart: