I need help! :c


Y’all I’ve been watching all my favourite youtubers for like years now, and I’ve always wanted to be a youtuber but I’m scared that people from school will look at me like I’m some freak, kids can be so cruel sometimes. I really wanna start a channel, because I enjoy making content but I’m so scared of people judging me :weary: has anyone got any advice for me?


Do you what you want to do! Ignore the haters. When you get 2 million subscribers they’ll wonder why they hated on you in the first place.


True lmao, You only live once. I feel like if I don’t follow my dreams i’ll Regret not doing it


True dont mind the haters
First they will mock you than they will get angry at you than they will praise you
not praise like praise but ya know its a quote my dad says


Thank you that’s very motivational!


No prob if you want motivation come to me !


If you’re scared about that kinda stuff, or people seeing your vids who might not like it- make the channel private until you can get to a place where you love your videos, and no one can bring you down! :revolving_hearts::+1:


Thanks but I didn’t know you can make a channel private?


You can- I don’t really know exactly how but I had to do it for a project once and someone did it for me.