I need help. Can anyone please tell me what happens if you make changes to your published story? [SOLVED]

Hi Episode Writers and readers,

I’ve published my first story nearly 2 months ago.

The thing is, I’m contemplating on altering my story description and tweaking a few chapters in my story. (Chapter 5-7, in which I have published.)
My concern is, if I’ve made this changes, will my readers be affected? If so, how badly?

Does it mean that if they’re in Chapter 7 (my latest chapter), will they have to re-read only chapter 7 or go back all the way to Chapter 5 (or Chapter 1?!)

I’ve read comments on how readers would have to re-read the whole chapter.
And to solve this, I’m planning on making a “skip” option. But what if they were taken all the way to the start of the story? That would be just plain crazy!

And what if I change my story description?

Does anyone know the answer to this? What’s your experience as a reader or writer on this?

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Nah love it wont take you back to the start of the story, it will get back to the previous episode. So when you give a skip option that will be more useful for the readers and about that Description If you change and save it automatically changes in the App, it absolutely gives no trouble
As far as my experience I havent written any stories I do paid proofreading, custom backgrounds and coding and some free works like splashes and edited covers and sometimes templates & coding help too

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If you have any points in your story in that last chapter, they will be lost though. So be careful with the skip chapter. If not, go for it.

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Thank you! That’s a relief! :smiley: :heart: Really appreciate your help! :grinning:

Oh, I didn’t know that! :hushed: I was about to add them to all my chapters and some of chapters contain points! Thanks for the info! :heart: :heart: You helped save me a lot of trouble :grinning:

You can get readers to make choices again! Like if they want to skip the chapter, give them an option to make choices and add points accordingly - that’s what I do as my story is heavily branched and points reliant :joy:

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Thanks for the suggestion! :grinning::heart: How did you do it, though? Do you take them to the choice with the points, so they’ll have to re-select the choice? Sorry if it sounds like i’m asking too many questions :sweat_smile: It’s my first time writing in Episode.

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I never got the notification but after I gave them an option to skip, I’ve send them to a label right before outro and I’ve put the choices with points again! I made it descriptive, like when this and this happened, what did you do/say, so it’s a bit easier to recall the situation!

Thank you @agatya :smiley: I eventually did just that :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Thanks again for your help, hun!

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Hi @Sydney_H, can you close the thread? Thank you in advance :grin: :heart:

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: