I need help, can you find this story?

The story about this girl, and she meets her bf/crush online. And she ends up getting to meet him for her birthday. I don’t know that much cause I lost my phone when I was getting to read it. Some other details are: she has a roommate and he’s a boy, who also has feeling for her too. But the roommate and her brother are kinda skeptical about the situation and thinks he’s a catfish maybe. The story is also labeled under Romance or drama; or maybe adventure :woman_shrugging:t5:.

Was it an episode official story a few years ago?

I think you’re referring to Catfish. That’s the name of the story.


No the story that I’m talking about wasn’t created by someone working for episode. The story I’m talking about is also limelight

It was probably like 2 or 2/1 years ago