I need help! cant figure out why it keeps doing this

whenever i have more than 3 characters in any given seen ex.
Screenshot 2021-06-18 6.25.09 PM
it makes a longgg longg pause like 30 seconds and then resumes the scene? how can i fix this? also happens with this scene
Screenshot 2021-06-18 6.27.03 PM
sorry if this is a bad question im new to this


Change all the character commands from @ to & and they will happen simultaneously!


Thank you!!! will this work just like if i were to put &BARTENDER or would it need another command?

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All you need to do is switch the @ for an &, everything else stays the same :slight_smile:

thanks!! also another question sorry haha
whenever i type in this
or how i just have it now, Riley always shows up after a few seconds after the other stuff?
how do i fix that

Try placing the @cut to zone 1 command after the character commands!

thank you!

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