I need help changing my characters name!

Hello everyone. So to get straight to the point, I need help changing my characters name. I don’t mean let readers pick their name for the character, I mean I want to change my character’s name. I previously picked a name for her ( Aubree Simmons ), but I want to change it to " Alicia ". But I don’t know how to change it. Is their any way I can change it to a new name without having to create a duplicate of that character and setting her name to the name I want? Please Help!

You could change her display name in the character creating section. But for you (in the script) it’ll still be Aubree, if that works for you :slight_smile:

Yea I had a feeling, I just might create a duplicate!

Here is an example from Dara’s guides, you can check and you don’t need to duplicate characters.


Okay will do! Tysm :heartpulse:

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