I need help character won't change

I’m unsure what I’m doing wrong. I put in hair & lipstick template and I tried it out on my phone because the previewer doesn’t show the changes. The hair and lipstick changed. When I was ready to make my character go back to her original look I made a double @name2 I then tried at the end of the customization saying @name2 becomes name1
when I got to a new scene where I wanted her to revert back to her old look I but in @name2 becomes name1
She didn’t change. So, I removes all of that and just decided to use just the double character and using @name2 in the new scene she’s there but she has the hairstyle I selected in the template.
What am I doing wrong, or can someone tell me what I should be doing?

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I think it’s
@CHAR changes lip colour into (lip colour)

I only know hair and outfits so sorry :grimacing: if it doesn’t need work

Thanks for trying to help, but I used the template, and I was able to change her hair and lipstick. But now I want her to go back to what she looked like before she she changed and I cannot get her to look like the original version of herself. That’s what I’m trying to do.

The previewer on the app has this strange thing where it won’t “revert” customised features, even when you click “reset story progress.” It’s annoying, but it’s not a bug, it’s just something they never thought to change.

If your coding is the way you want it to be now, you’ll just have to trust it. Your readers will only see it the way you coded it. :woman_shrugging:

If it’s really, really bugging you or you don’t think the coding is right but you aren’t sure how to fix it, you can just scrap name2 as you get close to the final draft, change it to name3 or something, and proofread for one final time to make sure it’s working.

Thank you. It does make sense. I think I’m going to trust it. I will ask for a reveiw from Episode right before I publish. I did fix my coding becasue she finally change to my @name2 person on the previewer but she still looks the same on the app. So I think I’m going to trust it for now. Thanks for explaining to me how that works. I really appreciate it, I was close to pulling my hair out.

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Instead of changes into use previews

Then you can do CHARACTER unpreviews hairColor blablabla

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Thank you. EpisodeHoneyy.

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As honey says if you want to change only for short period (in one chapter) use preview command.

its great especially if your character has CC so you do not know how reader changed him!

comang “changes” changes it permanently while preview changest it only for this specific chapter or untill you use unpreview to reset it back…without need to know the original setting.


I tried preview and got a warning it that it wasn’t a valid directing command. Should I say:
@CHAR previews HairCurly

I made up a hairstyle I couldn’t think of the style and I’m at work right now.

The comand is previews hair and than hair name (the same as in character creation)
if you preview lip color it is previews mouthColor and than the color name


@CHARACTER previews hair Updo Pony Wavy Long

@CHARACTER previews mouthColor Copper Deep Matte

and to end it:

unpreviews hair
unpreviews mouthColor

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Thank you. My coding was wrong. Will try whenI get home if the warning goes away. This will take all my anxiety away and put me back on track to get published. Also one last question. Will the preview and unpreview changes show in the app when you view it?

yes you will see this in app.

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I used it in my story so it is tested :slight_smile: I used reader to choice new hairs and makeup to fit fancy dress and than reset it back to original after the “party”. :smiley: worked just fine.

juste remember previews last ONLY in the specific chapter! If you do not use unpreview in next chapter the character will reset to original anyway…This I havent tested but was told it works like that.:slight_smile:

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Farrah_DeSantis, thanks for all of your help and having patience with me. I’m almost done and decided to go back and add this customization to my story, so I’m new to it. Thanks again for your kindness and patience. Really I’m thankful to all who gave me guidance.

You are welcomed. :smiley: I started the same way asking about everything so helping is just way how to give back the help I myself received here. :wink:

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