I need help choosing which story style I could use for a new story I’m making


Hey guys, I just thought of this awesome idea for a story and I’m torn between which story style I should use. Ink or Limelight? I love both, but I can’t seem to figure out which one I could use. I’m leaving this up all day, so you can answer any time. Thanks! :heartpulse:


I honestly used to LOVE ink but now I think I like Limelight better so I would reccoment to write it in Limlight.


If you are not planning on publishing the story anytime soon I would recommend Limelight as the upcoming updates look really good and the style has many animations, many skin tones, hair colors and lipsticks. But if you want to publish the story really soon you should go for Ink plus Ink has more clothes and I find the animations more easy to learn.


I would say do your story in Limelight!


I was the same way I loved Ink so much that I wouldn’t touch a Limelight story. But once I took a chance on Limelight, I have come to love this style more than Ink.


i would say INK :slightly_smiling_face: