I need Help: Code Skipping Lines

Hi guys! I have a problem when previewing the story I’m coding RN. The preview skips lines 345-378. It doesn’t have any errors. I can preview it last time but when I continue coding today it skipped. How can I fix this?

Do you have a pause or an action change with the characters after 378 within the scene? Most likely the scene doesn’t appear because everything is placed within the scene almost instantaneously like it should be, but then there is nothing after to keep you from going on to the next lines of code and scene change. I hope that helps.

My explanation may be worded weirdly, so if you need me to elaborate or have any questions, I am happy to answer them.

Thank you for responding. Yes, I have a scene after line 378 on a new background. The preview jumps to line 381-416 and skips lines 419-446 too. Then continues from 448-521.

When characters aren’t moving, use CHARACTER is animation, not does it while. You also don’t have to use moves to layer #

BCHF2 spot .812 166 263 in zone 1 at layer -1 and BCHF2 is idle_terrified_loop

Like what the others said above, you also don’t have to use the ‘&’ commmand all the time. If you want them to happen simultaneously you can just add ‘AND’ between each different Character spot directing code to make one massive spot directing, if you know what I mean