I need help compresing this image!

Hi! Here’s my large cover
large cover
It’s 966x642 as asked, but it has to be less than 1MB and I tried to compress it 100 times (literally) and it’s still 1.01MB and won’t let me post it!
When I got right 1MB, the pic looks horrible, the saturation it’s awful and it just dosen’t look right, you can see the quality it’s awful.
large cover (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1)
I need help. How do all the writers have such an amazing HD large covers???
(I’ll give credit)

try now

Still :frowning:
I tried converting it into PNG (as it says it’s highly recommended) but still, shows the same message


Weird, it’s 670kb :thinking:

I know, Idk what else to do :disappointed_relieved:

Try clearing your history cache, refreshing then trying again?

Still the same. I need to get the image down to 1MB (it has 1.22MB) :pleading_face:

How’s this?


Yours should work, it’s 738 kb! Can I ask you how did you do that? In case in need that with my story.

Hi! I used this site, I don’t know if it works though https://www.easy-resize.com/en/

Thank you!

No problem :slight_smile:

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Dosen’t work :sob:

Dosen’t work :pleading_face:

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Try to use the site, maybe that will do it for you https://www.easy-resize.com/en/

image Maybe this one?

Still no, and I tried the website (using 1MB as a maximum) and still says it’s 1.22MB I don’t understand :sob: