I Need Help Creating Families For My Two Main Characters (LL)

Arianna needs her mum and dad & older brother created

her details are
Body - Neutral 03
Brow - Arched Natural (Jetblack)
Hair -Beach Wave Hair (Medium Blonde)
Eyes - Deepset Downturned (Violet)
Face - Heart Soft
Nose - Defined Natural
Lips - Full Heart Pouty (Deep Red Gloss)

Lucas needs a mum and dad and little sister created

his details are
Body - rose 03
Brow - Straight Medium Scar (Black Dark)
Hair -Medium Side Curls (Jet Black)
Eyes -Narrow Almond Deep Smiling (Ice Blue)
Face - Chiseled Square Stubble Shaved
Nose - Straight Pointed
Lips - Medium Straight Natural (Beige Deep Neutral)

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I need help making the characters using the details so her mum and dad and brother and lucas’ parents

You can refer to this as guide :blush: