I Need Help Creating Some Overlays!

Hey guys!

I need overlays of the little table with the laptop and the chair! If anyone is willing to help me out and create them for me, I’ll credit you however you want! :blush:


Separately or together?

Edit: Okay, I thought you might need both, so here are your overlays.
c71af85e7e3762632da8e80c5e7e75365b1b4f6d-removebg-preview c71af85e7e3762632da8e80c5e7e75365b1b4f6d-removebg-preview(2) c71af85e7e3762632da8e80c5e7e75365b1b4f6d-removebg-preview(1)

You can credit me with my instagram account: @sonder.episode

Stay Safe :butterfly:

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Okay I have these but they are really trash. Hope this helps!



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