I need help deciding on what to name my story. Please help!

Without giving away too much, I am making a story about two assassins. I have title ideas, but would like to know which you like best :)))

  • Assassins
  • Bullet lovers
  • Metal on Metal
  • Sworn
  • Love’s bullet

Can you give more details, please?

The two main characters are assassins, and they both get a job to kill each other. But then they end up forming a connection, and can’t

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This sounds amazing! I definitely want to read your story when it comes out - you’ve got to keep me posted! I like Assassins and Love’s Bullet out of the names you have, but some alternatives (if you want more ideas!) are:

  • Lethal Love
  • Bullet to the Heart
  • Your Love is Killing Me

or maybe Enemies to Lovers? Idk.

I love the premise! Looking forward to checking it out :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you so much, your ideas are amazing! I think I narrowed it down to Love’s bullet or Lethal love (love that). I’ll keep you posted, thanks again :heart:

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Ooo that sounds SO GOOD here are a few ideas:

  • Sharp Romance
  • Hot Blade
  • Target Sighted
  • Heart’s Target
  • Kill My Love
  • Killer Love
  • Deadly Hearts

You’re welcome! Honoured that you liked it :grin:

Best wishes w your story!

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Wow, these are incredible! My favourite is Heart’s target. Thanks for all the amazing ideas :heart:

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No problem, good luck on your story and most importantly, have fun! :pleading_face: :heart:


Double Dragon?

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