I need help deciding which of my stories to publish

I have lots of stories half done or they have a bit done. I would appreciate if you could help me decide which one to work on and publish. Here are the options:

Option 1: Babysitting the Dragneel Family (LL). This story is about a poor 20 year old girl named Mei. Her mother abandoned her and her father when she was just a little girl. Follow her as she starts a new job babysitting in the Dargneel family and finds out the big secret their family is hiding.

Option 2: Lucy’s past (LL). A girl named Lucy was found alone outside when she was only a few weeks old. Now she has grown to be a beautiful normal 17 year old girl. Or that’s what you would think. What happens after she meets a god and after she starts to learn more about her parents?

Option 3: High school life (LL). The story of a girl named Quinn and the story of how she was diagnosed with moderate depression. This story has some parts straight from the writers own life.

Option 4: Notice me senpai ! (INK). Layla, a girl whose parents blame her of ruining their youth, they hate and despise her for that. Layla has emotional and physical scars because of her depression and off of how she has been treated. Will Layla find something that will save her or will the darkness called depression consume her?

  • Option 1: Babysitting the Dragneel Family
  • Option 2: Lucy’s past
  • Option 3: High school life
  • Option 4: Notice me senpai !

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Fairy Tail.:point_up_2:t5:

I think you should start with the easiest, especially if you never published any story. I chose the 3 because it said that it has events from your life so that’s make it easier for you to write it. As for the first one, secrets and discoveries and all those stuff makes it (at my opinion) a lil complicated (for the author to write it ofc), so I suggest to publish it last so you can have the time to think of it. Anyway, I don’t know which one you are sure what to write. if you know EXACTLY what to write at 1, then write the 1. What I mean is, sometimes when I write a story I usually know how to start and not how to end, the ideas comes to my mind after some episodes, idk if you are doing it too… :slightly_frowning_face:
Anyway if you want my advise here are they

  • Start with the easiest (to plot and to direct), except if the easiest is your favourite of what you are writing, in that case, publish it last, so you can have the time to think of more ideas and make it as good as you imagine it!

  • Do not publish them together!!! complete one first and then you publish the other and complete it and publish an other one etc. It’s make me sooooo annoyed when I read a story and suddenly the author stops publishing because she is working on her other stories, I’m getting so mad :imp:

  • Be exact sure of what to write and what will happen in each episode before you decide

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