I need help directing my story


How can I stay in a scene with out a dialogue?


Can you explain that further?


Your question is a bit unspecific, but I interpret it as if you want to ‘freeze’ the moment -ex of two people staring at each other-(?)

Whenever you want part of a sceen to continue on without being interrupted by the reader, or “happy tapping fingers” as I like to call it, you do so by using the command @pause for
Fill in what time you want, for instance 3.0 You can make it from almost nothing 0.1 to any time you wish.

Is this what you were after? If not, plz explain the problem a bit further.



Yes it’s that, thank you!


Happy to help


Another question how can I change the scene without a brusque change, I don’t know if you can understand me :sweat:


Do you mean within the same background, or between two completely different backgrounds?

  • To move within a background you use the commands zoom and pan. Zoom for moving around within the same zone, and pan when shifting between zones.

@zoom in on … (the coordinates you want) in … (the time you want the move to take)
@pan to zone (the zone number) in … (the time)

  • If you want a soft intro to a new scene, you can use a transition

@transition (the type you want to use followed by the color and the time you want it to be in)
@transition fade in blue 2.0

There are a variaty of transitions to chose from and in several different colors. The mot common being @transition fade in/out. The default color always being black.

Supported Styles and Directions:
@transition fade in/out
@transition iris in/out
@transition shade up/down
@transition curtain in_left

Transitions are available in the following colors:



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