I need help directing this scene

I need help directing this scene. So I want the Main Character to walk from zone 1 to zone 3 and sitting in the seat. However when I preview it at the beginning of the scene, it doesn’t work. The Main character is still standing and there is a small glitch of her sitting, but she stands back up. When I preview after the animation of her idle_sit_loop, she is sitting. I am so confused and have tried different method, but it all ends up the same as I have described before. I also preview on my phone, but the Main Character is still standing up and not sitting.
Previewing the whole scene

Previewing after the animation

Try not to use the pan command, use the &zoom on spot in seconds command instead, and then for your character use @Character walks on spot in seconds. The zoom seconds and the character’s seconds must be the same.

I can’t upload a video here to give you an example, but if you want send me a message in my Instagram page @anolanez_writes, or wait for more members to help you🥰

hey i need a directing help. I will be very thankful to you for your help
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I think you need to use the zoom in seconds command. But I’m not sure, bc I’ve never done this kind of effect in my stories before.
I’ll look into it and send you more informations🖤

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Thank you for your help<3!

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Okay, use this thread👇


Creator of this thread: @JemU776

It has everything you need for this effect and I’m wishing you good luck and great reads for your story💜