I Need Help Directing

I really don’t understand this if and elif stuff, to remember past choices can someone help me?

Try reading this! :slight_smile: It helped me tons.

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I did look at that and I still keep getting errors, like I think I’m doing it wrong.

Can I see your script?


Also, I don’t get if I put the if somewhere else, does it go after Choice? So confusing.

I’m not sure what you mean?

Sorry haha! Does (if) go after (Choice)? Or does (If) go before “Go to take a bath”?

Should I show you the two choices? Would that help?

Yes please.

“Read your article before bed” {

“Go take a bath” {

okay so if you wanted to refer back to that choice, you would have to label the choice.

then to refer back using if/elif/else, it’d look like:

if (beforebed is “Read your article before bed”) {

#whatever you want to write as a result of this choice

} else {

#whatever you want to write as a result of choosing take a bath

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THANK YOU! :rofl: I will see if it works out correctly.

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let me know if there are any issues :slight_smile:

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