I need help figuring out a title for my story

So the title says it all I really need help figuring out a title for my new upcoming story

It’s a mystery story

Story plot

You are walking home from work alone, When you are suddenly attacked by a stranger, Then you wake up in a strange room with another person you both are stuck in a room together . Will you both make it out alive or will only one make it out? How will you make it out of this mess or will you die trying?


Scary nights
Stuck together
Finding the way out


Or maybe something like Locked Up
And as cover you can have the o drawn as something like

I know it’s very very beautiful drawn :joy::joy:

Or Our (Special) Prison

And maybe if it started with a night out while you didn’t want to

“It’ll be fun” (, they said…)

I dunno

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Hey there! You’re welcome to visit my Story Title Shop :sunflower:

Here are some titles from my shop that fit you story:

  • To The Core
  • In A Dark Place
  • In Cold Blood
  • Bury Me Low
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Stuck in hellhole

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