I need help figuring out how to explain a particular event

I’m struggling to figure out how to explain a particular even that has happened to one of my characters as it ties in with why they did what they did. However I can’t ask for help here directly as it includes a massive spoiler.

Is there anyone who either…
Doesn’t mind spoilers
Doesn’t like murder mystery
Or doesn’t actually read episode stories

Who would be willing to hear what my plan is and give me feedback… warning it may contain a triggering topic… while this can be given an alternative scene in my story (a more sensitive view of things) I would like someone to hear what my plan is for the full version and let me know of it makes sense.

Ps: this doesn’t reveal who the killer is but a motive to a sub plot, plot twist which in turn links to the main story.

Thanks in advance


Sure, PM me and I’ll see if I can give any feedback :]

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Hey if you still need help you can pm me or dm me on insta @bri._writes

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