I need help find a book

EMERGENCY!!! Okay not really but I’m going crazy cuz I can’t find a book I read like years ago. It’s about the Irish mafia leader son and he falls in love with an orphan girl who lives with her uncle and horrible aunt. The mafia owns this club and the girl starts working thr I think to help with college cuz the aunt even tho they are rich won’t help her money wise but he doesn’t recognize her until later one and the girl has a cousin who is spoiled rotten and is supposed to marry the guy but he can see thru her bs. Etc. it was one of my favorite books on episode I ever read it’s also super long like 40 something chapters I think I would really like to reread it with your help.

it could be “Wicked Sins” maybe? idk the author though

Its Wicked Sins by Regina