I need help finding a art scene artist


My writing partner and I are creating a story about time travel, dictatorship, and love & war and need help creating art scenes to be enjoyed by our readers. A personal artist would be great, but I’m also looking for someone who wouldn’t ask for money to do. My writing partner and I are spread thin when it comes to money and if you would be willing to help us with this with no charge it would be amazing for us.
The scenes can be very complex depending on how you look at it. I already have someone working on our first art scene but she can only do this one because she is piled up with requests.
Also my writing partner just had a baby yesterday and is unable to do it herself.
If you can help us out just drop an art scene that you have created. It would mean the world to us.


I would recommend Going to Greek gods


Greek gods?


Yh there a new a upcoming group. I’m actually part of them. There’s some great artist there


Where do I find them?


Well you can PM @Raybadem she’s part of it right now the leader isn’t part of forums so.


Okay Thank you


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