I need help finding a background

Does anyone know where I can find this background?

Thank you.

Background is on EpisodeLife.com @Toriblack

It’s not on there :weary:

was the image not showing? meaning it crashed

No I looked through all the backgrounds on there :frowning:

ill check.

Ok. :crazy_face:

I guess the creator of that background wanted it to be removed from the site. So, it is not there.

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Use something else I guess, or asked the author of that story to send u the background they used and find out who created the background.

@shellyg hm…not sure if the background in the picture is yours. Is it?

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Do you know where I can get backgrounds? :frowning: similar to that one?


Yeah, that’s my background. I had requested for all of my work to be removed from EpisodeLife a while ago.


ahhh, okay. Cause I looked on your drive and nothing was there so. Awesome. @Toriblack its solved. It was @shellyg background. So, find a different background to use.

Thank you!

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Oh, that’s ok. :+1: