I need help finding a good cover artist fr

y’all I just realized I didn’t even make a cover or intro cover for my story and I’m trying to get this shit done and published by next weekend can y’all please recommend me someone who does awesome cover art for free im desperate fr💀.


Your art looks stunning! :pleading_face:

hey you can request here they’re free :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
:black_heart: Episode Blacklight Shop :black_heart: (open)
Calista Hwang and Invisible Waffle’s Art Shop! [OPENED]

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You can check my art shop.

yoooo stop Rn you’re mad talented dawg​:flushed::flushed:, you want me to dm you on Instagram or on here?

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Hey are you still taking request I also need a cover :blush:

Hey guys, if you ever need a good artist use @Randomwriter07 she is so talented and works really well and to perfection!!

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Yes that’s fine I’m still working on my story so I’ll be willing to wait thank you so much for responding :blush: