I need help finding a story please

Hi can anyone help me find a story. I don’t remember the name. All I remember is that it’s about a girl whose father dies and she inherits her fathers fashion company and her step mother is trying to take it from her so she teams up with one of her dads business parter who is like mafia and they like each other. I really liked this story can anyone help me find it please

Do you remember the genre and if it’s a community or episode official story?

It is an episode official story and I can’t remember the genre but I think it was drama

Alright I can take a look do you remember the art style?

Hey in the story youre thinking did he fix cars and she was a spoiled rich girl.

She was rich and was doing fashion the company was a fashion company and he was more like a mafia guy he didn’t fix cars. Her stepmom tries to take the company from her and she has a step brother too

Hi, I too am looking for a story that I was reading but can’t find it anywhere! I’m wondering if any of you know the name? It’s a sad story about abuse of a mother called Daniela and she had 2 sons called Willy and Tyson and the husband was Ace. Let me know if you know the name, thanks!

Hey there! I am searching for a story I haven’t read a while ago. It’s about this girl I think she has like light blond/ strawberry blond hair and she runs into this mafia boss. Then she’s forced to live at his place an he acts like an idiot a first but then she falls for im later. And at some point in the story it’s revealed that one of the gang members is her brother and her families is involved with the mafia too. They also found out that their parents were besties and their smothers always talked about them getting married.

Pls help

sorry, new here & dk how to post my own dilemma lol.

im looking for a story, it’s fairly new i think (2021-2022?) it’s a community story, also tagged LGBTQ+ i think:

this story is in BLACK & WHITE (hoping this makes it easier)

it’s about a girl in the 50s (if im not mistaken) working as a waitress but tryna become an actress. she has relations w a major producer who eventually helps her land a role in a movie; this producer is married to her idol, an actress she looks up to the most. i think it was mentioned that this actress (female LI) is of Filipino descent(?). this actress is also her co-star and is a closeted lesbian and they fall for each other

at the end of the more recent episodes, there are epilogues about the 2 of them when they’re older and it turns out they’re narrating their love story in front of a camera for some sort of a documentary.

this story has 2 seasons i believe


Hey I dont know about the strawberry hair. Where the names Lion and Akila?

Hey fellow readers I was wondering if anyone could help me. I was playing an episode but it only had 5 stories and I forgot to favorite it. It had to do with a band 2 boys and my character was a girl and she was lead singer, I got to choose the name and the male lead/ love interest name was River, also it had no cover all I could remember was that it was flower and tan-ish, and i think it was called " you say it first" or something along those line, but when I try to find it, nothing pops up. Hopefully someone can help. thanks :slight_smile:

I am looking for an ink story by the author Vienna (vrepisode on insta) who wrote Sweetest Mistake… she had a story I can’t find in the app anymore where the MC was called Peaches by her boyfriend. Can someone tell ne the title? This dates back several years

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