I need help finding a story (PLS HELP ME)

I read this story a long time ago and I’m looking for it for some time now…

I don’t remember much but it’s about a girl who got kidnapped and fell in love with her kidnapper
(They later on have a relationship)
In the middle of the story she gets kidnapped again, tortured(I think?) and he saves her.
She then has nightmares and one scene I remember is her waking up in the middle of the night because of a nightmare, she goes to the balcony and he comes after her and she cries…

If any story comes to mind pls write me I’m going insane :smiley:

(It’s not chain reaction but I believe it’s kind of similar)

Hey that reminds me of a lot of stories. Do u remember what the characters look like?

The main characters were customizable and I don’t remember any side characters :’(

Either way if there are stories that u recommend that are similar I’d love to check them out!!

Could it be this one?

It’s not it but I’ll definitely check it out it seems really good!

Could it be ‘Desire’ by Jayleefishhugs?

Main characters name is Desire and Li’s name is Kilo?

Hey i think it may be the kings butterfly

It’s not it… thank you so much tho!!!

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It looks familiar!! I’ll check it out thank you so much!!! <33

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Could it be ‘417 days’ by DigiKat?

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kidnapped by a prince?

No… it was a mafia leader imo

It looks familiar!! but it has only 7 chapters right now so I’ll see as more chapters come out!! Ty <3

He was it not it

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