I need help finding a story

I read a pilot of a story and now I can’t find it. I forgot the name of it. It’s about a girl wanting to win a contest so her and her friend go in a cave, and they find this beautiful flower that glows and she is trying to take a picture of it. It didn’t work out and the flower stung her and it dies. Her hand is swollen, so she had to go to the doctor with her mother and they don’t believe her story about the glowing flower. It has great artwork. Her mother grounds her because she told her not to go to caves because they are dangerous and she is only 17. I hope someone can help!:slight_smile:

do u know what genre the story is in?

That definitely sounds like The Enchantress by Mette (featured)


it is. @SonyaB

Elise and Lana yes!!! That’s what it is!!! Thank you so much!!!:slight_smile: