I need help finding a story!**

so there’s a story called second priority and was supposed to come out in early 19 but when I look it up I can’t find it so if anybody knows the author or a link to it please let me know

They probably deleted it or it’s hidden.

Ok thx

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They also could’ve slowed the release date

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How do you hide a story? :thinking:

On the Episode app in the profile they can hide the story from others if they want

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Oh really I didn’t know that, that’s interesting…:thinking:

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Does anyone remember a story I can’t remember the title I just remember a few of the characters a girl named Quinn and a man who is a teacher and his name is Aaron x

Okay so I forgot the story’s name and author can anybody tell me what it is. It’s about a girl and a guy that are dating the girl goes home to find out that their family is in dept and her parents borrowed money from gang people and the gang people are getting furious that they are not getting their money back so the girl says she’s gone get the money for them so she steals a contract paper to her boyfriend dad rivals and he goes bankrupt and she leaves the place and doesn’t come back until a few years later that’s all I know so far can anybody plz tell me the story’s name.

I need help finding a story the author didn’t have a name it was just real stories and I remember two stories from her one is called red and blue season 3 of stones and the other one was called captive it was more stories but I cant remember the name

I think u mean “Love Me Black And Blue” by Effy? :thinking:

Thats not it but thx for your help

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Just found this in my sc from last year

Oops sorry I didn’t realise your were looking for a specific one. Sorry my bad.

I read a story a while back and forgot the name but remembered a certain scene from it. So basically the main character and her boyfriend had to escaped to a different city and had to tell people a fake story so that they wouldn’t get caught