I Need help finding an old story!

Some years ago, my friends and I played this story…But none of us seem to remember the title. A quick synopsis: Basically this girl falls in love with her boss (I’m pretty sure his name is like Giovanni Marchesi or sum like that…). The Love Interest has a pair of twin boys. And I’m also pretty sure that the MC’s name was Shea…

This sounds like the Chain Reaction series if I am remembering correctly… I could be wrong, I never tuned in to them fully.

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It’s not Chain Reaction

Hmm, I don’t think that’s it… But thank you for the help!

So sorry I couldn’t be more of a help! :sweat_smile:

I think I might have seen an image of this story on Pintrest. Idk what it was called, but if you have no other options it might be worth trying to find it on there. Sometimes you can find what the story is called in the comments, hopefully you can find it!