I need help finding out the name of some animations! (INK)

Well, since the title says it all, I’ll just describe the animations I can’t seem to find.

  1. A male animation where they put their both hands on their hips and do a smirk (sorta)
  2. A male and female animation where they just widen their eyes (in shock or something.)
    Yep, that should be it for now :slight_smile: .

give me a second

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Um, thanks for the help, but I don’t think it’s that one…

  1. disappointed? Or shiftweight?
  2. A hidden animation called shocked

Thanks for the first one! But I don’t think the second one is right. And, is shocked a hidden animation? I don’t think so because I have published a chapter where my character does it.

Shocked is the only hidden animation that is publishable.
For the second one, is it just them standing doing nothing else with just wide eyes?

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That’s the end of the flirt_fingersnap animation