I need help finding power like overlays

I need help finding overlays, I’ve found a few that works but on some of them the background is in it when I need it to be transparent. I have a story about witches and wizards who cast spells and each character as their own color to their spells, like on every witch way if you watched that show. I need it to look like a energy ball and I need the colors to be. pink, purple, blue, yellow and white. I’ve looked high and low for these and I even tried to draw my own but I don’t know how to not have the background in it. so can someone please help?

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I think catthegirl has some in her drive that might work for you

(it’s in overlays > effects > lights/powers)

I could also try drawing some for you if you give me some references on what you’d like them to look like :')

You can try downloading overlays in png format from the free royal website; you’ll just need to upload them later in the portal (or reduce the size and upload).
for example:

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Would these be any good?! :thinking:

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These are amazing definitely could use these. are they yours and if so do you want me to credit you?

I don’t want to trouble you but if you do draw them these are some examples. they can be the same design but in the different colors if possible.


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also, for the one I named the bearer power needs to be multiple colors.

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do you have a link?

nope, you can download it as a png from here. :wink: click on it and it will appear to download

You’re welcome. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And no… I don’t require credit, because I found the pink, blue, green and orange ones on PngTree… it’s a royalty free, site. Which means you can use them without any issues!

The only two I made [in a way] are the white and purple ones, because those don’t exist… so I had to change the colours myself. :blush:

how’d you change the colors if you don’t mind me asking

I used PhotoScape X to mess around with it, until I got the colours that you asked for! :blush:

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I just realized some of them look the same but oh well, I had fun making them (:

bearer power

bearer power blue
bearer power pink
bearer power purple
bearer power white
bearer power yellow

fairy version 1

fairy 1 blue
fairy 1 pink
fairy 1 purple
fairy 1 white
fairy 1 yellow

fairy version 2

fairy 2 blue
fairy 2 pink
fairy 2 purple
fairy 2 white
fairy 2 yellow


flare blue
flare pink
flare purple
flare yellow
glare white


glimmer blue
glimmer pink
glimmer purple
glimmer white
glimmer yellow

Let me know if you want me to make more or make them in different colors!!

these are amazing thank so much!!! one of these days can you record the process of making these and send it to my ig @jae.writesepisode I would love to learn how I tried on procreate but it didn’t turn out well lol. again thank you so much drop your @ so I can credit you

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you don’t need to credit me, I’m just glad I could help :'D
also, I used the luminance brushes on procreate; I’ll send some clips of the process later :>

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okay thank you

Sorry I don’t mean to bother but can u make one dark green and one royal blue one please

sure thing!

royal blue

royal blue
royal blue_1
royal blue_2
royal blue_glitter

dark green

dark green
dark green_1
dark green_2
dark green_glitter

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I don’t know if there’s a glitch but the first two royal blue and the dark green look black.

they’re still helpful because I do need black ones for future episodes… I was just too scared to ask again lol