I need help for a cover

I am in desperate need of a cover for my story but it’s difficult to find help.

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In which style is?

heyy you can check this art shops the artists are fast free and amazing :white_heart:
:black_heart: Episode Blacklight Shop :black_heart: (open)
Calista Hwang and Invisible Waffle’s Art Shop! [OPENED]

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I could try and attempt it. I do it for free just need to credit me.

But i need all the deets first to see if i could do it.

Hey, Yes if you can do it for me I appreciate it. I need people who are reliable and who are not going to agree to do the cover and then bail so I will give you credit for the art work but I need to know that you are hundred percent committed otherwise if not I understand but I would appreciate if you did not reach out and put my hopes up if you are not serious because this happened twice.

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Could ik a bit more about it then i coild be more sure.
Like do u want it drawn or edited?
What isthe poses and characters?
I can do both drawn and edited but i can only do episode poses.

This is a story about an indigenous teen name Nova Lincoln who aspires to be an actress.
I would like it drawn
The way I want the cover to look like is for the screen to be split in half one half regarding her navajo tribe and the other half about her hollywood side. Please be creative and have fun with it there are no rules.
The pose can be anything you want and this is the characters.

This girl is nova
This is Dyani her friend and former high school rival
Onyx her best friend
Ginny her best friend

hollywood popstar
hollywood pop star
Hollywood side

I do need this done by the 23rd

Please and thank you

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Yes I can do it :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin: regarding her navjo tribe culture and hollywood side is their like a specific outfits you want?

Also do you have a character card for the MC so ik the deets and i can male her witht the outfits. Its just easier for me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And also whats the story called? :blush::blush:

I think this outfit would be good for the Navajo tribe outfit. But it’s your choice.

And this for the Hollywood outfit?

I don’t have a character card no :frowning: but I do have some ideas for an outfit.
image This is what I prefer her to wear. Or at least similar. One of the things that Navajos are known for wearing is the turquoise squash blossom jewelry especially their earrings so it is very important that we emphasizes that because that is prominent in their culture.

Hollywood, anything you want I want you to be expressive

Could you send me the character deets then. And I’ll also send you some outfit ideas and see if you like them… :blush:

:slight_smile: Character deets? like a written description of Nova?

Like this…

So I can make her in my Epi portal with her outfits.

Sorry I’m asking for so many things I want it to be right so you like it and I don’t do anything wrong :blush:

Please don’t apologize lol :slight_smile: I’m so blessed that you are doing this. I don’t really have a card but based on the screenshot of the characters I send you should be good. I would like Nova to cross her arms.

The story is called NOVA NATION

I like the hollywood outfit. The Navajo Nation tribe. I like the dress, but can you remove the headwrap and the scarf

more like this

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Ok I’ll start on it soon. :blue_heart:

Oh my goodness thank you :smiley:

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Your welcome. I need somthing to do anyway I’ve been so bored. And I’m at my dads so I don’t have access to a computer so I can’t code my stories. Plus it’s good for the practice :heart: