I need help for coding

hi guys! can you all help me by telling me how to code reader msg and how to write without showing the character like the character doesn’t comes but what he says comes

Standard reader message:
readerMessage Your message here.

Reader message with title:
readerMessage Your message here. with messageTitle Your title here.

If you want a character’s dialogue onscreen without the character being there, you just have to spot them offscreen, have the camera at a different zone or have the zoom set to a percentage and coordinate where the character isn’t visible. It’s your decision.



@zoom on x y to % in s
x = horizontal axis.
y = vertical axis.
% = zoom percentage.
s = seconds for it to reach the desired zoom.


@cut to zone 2 AND CHARACTER stands screen center in zone 3

Dialogue here.

In that example, the camera is in zone 2 whilst the character is standing in zone 3, but his dialogue will still be visible.
It’s a good idea to set your speech bubbles too so they appear where you want them to:
@speechbubble is x y to %
x = horizontal axis.
y = vertical axis.
% = speech bubble percentage size (0-100).

You can also have:

@speechbubble is x y to % with tail_top_right
@speechbubble is x y to % with tail_top_left
@speechbubble is x y to % with tail_bottom_right
@speechbubble is x y to % with tail_bottom_left

Those will change where the name on the speech bubbles appears.^
For resetting bubbles:
@speechbubble reset

For narrations, you do not need to have a character on screen at all:

Narration here.
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thanks can you tell me the another thing i asked pls


It is -
redearMessage You text here

Edited my post to include more stuff.

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thnak you thank you so much

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No problem!

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