I need help for my story ! Please ?!?

Um mm… Hi. I really want to write a story and i have also written a summary of how i want it to be. How to create a name for my story ??? And I need help overall. If anyone can help…i would really appreciate it.


If anyone can help or be my partner ???

You should check out Joseph Evans videos

This is for Limelight :point_down:

But he also has an Ink Version

What is your story about?

Have you used the written an episode before?

What’s it about? I’d love to help bounce ideas off of someone else too, so I’d be happy to help! I’m on insta at kimballet.episode as well!

Thank u so much

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Thanks. I am not whether to put 1 or 2 love interests because it will r be really difficult for the readers to choose.

I haven’t written a story before.

You need to tell me what’s it’s about, so I can help you with the name. You can pm me if you don’t want to post the description.

And as you’ll probably need help coding. I can give you the basics once you start. And I’d definitely recommend checking out the guides. Anything you don’t understand, just ask me about.

I know what you mean! I tend to like stories with more choice but in the end it’s so hard to choose! If you do 2 it’s nice for them to have different personalities and such, so you end up writing 2 stories almost.

You could always do 2 love interests but at different times so it’s not like A versus B at the same time while the reader is getting to know them (like the story Hacking Love where you meet one LI - Parker and then don’t see him for a while and get to know another one - Ace). Or the second love interest could be a fake-out where he’s actually not a good guy (think Wickham in Pride and Prejudice) so it’s an easy choice… Sometimes a 2nd LI is a good obstacle for the “real” couple to overcome.



Thank u do much ! I really appreciate your help. I will tell u my story on insta, my account is Bubbles.episode i will follow u

Thank u so much ! What is ur insta account so i can follow u ?

Awesome, I’ll follow you!