I need help for tappables!

Hey. I am new in creating tappables for my story.

So I have 3 overlays to tap in 2 different zones
The following is my script:

@ui PAPER BIN create and ui PAPER BIN opacity 1 and ui PAPER BIN shifts to 152 173 in zone 2 and ui PAPER BIN scales to 0.118 0.118
@ui CAP create and ui CAP opacity 1 and ui CAP shifts to 214 406 in zone 1 and ui CAP scales to 0.136 0.136
@ui PAPER STACK create and ui PAPER STACK opacity 1 and ui PAPER STACK shifts to 304 418 in zone 1 and ui PAPER STACK scales to 0.316 0.316

tappable [pan:1:2]




So, when I tried to play it through, my overlays were moving as I pan to other scenes.
Did I do any mistake?

Please help me! :sweat_smile:
Any tips will be much appreciated! :smile:

I think you might need to add [pan: 1:2] next to each option. I would check YouTube tutorials.
And within the brackets, maybe you can copy and paste the location of the overlays? Sorry, I’m not sure either!

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Okay, I will have a look on it.
Do let me know if you had found the solution. I’ve checked some sites earlier, seems like I didn’t do anything wrong.

Thanks! :heart:

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I remember literally watching a video that also had tappable overlays and panning! I think the creator was Joseph Evans, but when I searched it up on YouTube, I couldn’t find it! I’ll keep trying to find a video on it, and I’ll send it to you when I do! I really hope you are able to fix that! I understand how frustrating coding can get.

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YAY! I found the video.
Here it is: https://youtu.be/mvK0pLSiTIE.
I hope it helps! If it doesn’t, tell me and I’ll try to find something else. :slight_smile: Happy writing! Have a good day!

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Hey. Thank you very much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Let me give that a try!

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No problem! I really hope it works. Tell me if it doesn’t, and I’ll do my best to try to find a solution, too.

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Hey! It helps!

My mistake is using UI instead of overlay. I thought UI was only used for tappables. Guess overlay worked better.

Thank you very much @Amphia :heart:

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Oh, ok! I’m glad it worked! My instagram is @amphia.episode if you have any more questions. I hope I can help!

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