I need help for this story about "friendship"

My main characters are three teenagers that are around 14/15 years old and go to school.

Two of them are brothers/best friends. One is more sensible, smarter and more sociable, and is also very curious about the world. His name is Roger. The other one is more relaxed, not that smart, is lazy and is not that sociable. He’s physically weak too, but has the ability to run very fast. His name is Benjamin. The two friends enjoy being together and have fun. They also love playing video games and watch TV/movies.

Now a bit about their backgrounds is that Benjamin is actually adopted. Not necessarily officially, but more like he is living with Roger’s family. Benjamin lost his parents when he was a small toodler, and given his bad memory, he doesn’t remember them. He was then found by a couple of parents. They made him their “son”, but they treated him badly. They never had the time to be with him due to work, so they usually left a babysitter to take care of him, but she treated him terribly. Eventually Roger’s family found Benjamin (who was now a teenager around 14 years old) and had him as part of their family. The days passed and Benjamin was becoming part of their family, and had a special bond with Roger.

Now, in this story, Roger met a girl named Rose, and turned his attention more towards her than with Benjamin, ignoring him at certain points. That made Benjamin very jealous. Let’s also not forget that Benjamin was still adjusting to being part of his current family, and tries to forget all his past events.

I really want ideas on how can this story be played out. It’s just that I don’t feel that inspired so I wanted your support in this. The basic plot is Roger meets Rose and his brother/best friend Benjamin gets jealous. What can I do? Any idea is possible :slight_smile:

Perhaps you change your points of views between Roger and Ben?? You can have some of it told from Roger where he’s so enlightened by the company of Rose but Most of Ben where he feels ignored and jealous. You could even Just focus on Ben so that it could be a coming of age of why exactly he feels this way?? idk you could include flashbacks as well. hopefully this helps a little :pleading_face:

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