I need help from everyone

So, I need a little bit help. I’d very much appreciate it if everyone could give their opinions.

I’m writing a transformation story. If you don’t know what that is, basically the MC is considered a nerd, but after getting a little makeover, s/he’s the most beautiful looking person in the whole school and gets all of the attention.

I want to write a story like this but I don’t know what would be considered “unattractive”. I refuse to go to with cliches and say that pigtails and glasses are unattractive.

Also, this story is going to be a little different, MC will turn into the person she wants to be. And this is where the other problem starts, an “unattractive” girl will be CCed into a different person and that different person is your avatar. Her race will change depending on the person CCing her, so would this be a problem?

Thank you to those who will respond.

Unattractive…Maybe quiet and not talk to people? Boring clothing? I basically described myself, expect we have uniform


Yeah, I’m thinking that as well, maybe make her very awkward so no one even dares to talk to her. :thinking:

Thank you for responding! :blush:

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Being quiet isn’t an unattractive trait at all, in my opinion. It gives an air of mystery and depth to a character. Maybe instead of writing a story about the typical cliché makeover we see too much of, you could write a story with a character who has a disability and is being treated differently because of it? Then they might wake up in a completely different body and see what it’s like to be considered “normal”? Or maybe they were in an accident that left them severely disfigured and one day is given enough money to get plastic surgery?

Those are just some suggestions, you’re free to do whatever you want with them :slightly_smiling_face: It would be really nice to see a makeover story which actually criticizes the way people pay so much attention to looks and how much looks can actually change your life, and how unfair but inevitable that actually is. On top of that, you could have the MC confront her former bullies and show them that no matter how physically appealing they might be, they’re just ugly and miserable on the inside.


Why not. a story where the MCs friend tries to change her into extroverted bubbly party type(u know the makeover cliches) but it keeps backfiring and at the end of the story she goes back to dressing and being how she was before(quiet shy “boring” clothing) but she has an inner confidence tht she is now comfortable with herself…she could have a crush notice the transformation the bff did to her and he asks her out she says yes and they are not compatible.

idk…maybe not a good idea…>-<


I’d rather not be called an ableist. Thank you though.

That sounds amazing, thank you very much!

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Why would you be called an ableist? :woman_shrugging: A story like that could actually do a lot of good for people dealing with handicaps and disabilities, depending on which ones you decide to portray, as long as you portray them well.

The line “Is this what it feels like to be normal?” or anything similar would cause me a problem. People love judging without even reading the first episode.

Ah, well that says a lot more about those people than yourself :blush: But I get it, it’s a risk that not every author wants to take. I wish you good luck with your story anyway.
And I like @Willowbean’s idea too!

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Ur welcome