I need help getting plot ideas for my story

Hi, I need help on getting plot ideas but I can’t seem to have and ideas. I was hoping if anyone had any ideas to help me create a romance action story?

i can help you but can i know what is in your mind ?

I was think of a MC who ran away from home bc she got abused by her parents. Then a nice girl came walking past who was part of a gang and offer MC to stay at her place with other roommates. After a few years later she becomes a gang member and falls in love with the gang leader.

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i think we have to change the idea

Ok what do u have in mind??

do you have an instagram account ??

i’ve asked you so that i can talk to you and no one steals your work !

Yeah it’s @kia_forever2004

i am going to message you now*

Ok cool

I think the plot sound a lil cliche tbh, maybe work on dat?


I think a bunch of stories already have that idea and this is just me but I don’t like that a lot of people make gang leaders or whatever look cool and badass because they literally murder innocent people .

I’d suggest making sure that this gang isn’t the type to murder innocent people- like, no. Like, in my story I have a “gang” (they’re considered a gang) but they only fight when they absolutely need to and never try to kill anyone. Mainly they’re fighting monsters that I have in my story because it’s a fantasy story.
A lot of stories basically say that gangs are okay and that the killing of innocent people is okay if you’re “cool”. No. That’s not okay, and we really don’t need another story like that. But if you want to do it in a way that doesn’t include killing, then I guess it’d be okay. :+1:

Thx for the idea :grinning::grinning:

Ok thx