I need help! (help me choose my college program)

I need help! I am torn between two college programs.

  1. BA Psychology
  2. BS Rad Tech

I want to be in the medical field someday, but I can’t seem to decide which one to take. Any opinions?


BS Rad Tech
if your more of a hands on person…

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Wow. This is a pretty big decision. In my opinion, I’d go with Psychology. But Rad Tech would be a good choice too.

There are upsides and downsides to both. I’m not helping am I… :woman_facepalming:. Sorry.

It depends whether you’d like to get into the physical or emotional problems more.

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Hey! I’m in the U.S. and I did my college search a year ago. Idk much about the medical industry, but my friends and I thought about the cost of potential places in our decision. How does your program work?

Hey, I’m currently taking BA in Psychology.
Why i’m taking this major is because of the increasing awareness of people battling depression.
I support u to take this major. But in the end of the day, it is up to u to decide. We all here can just give our suggestions :blush:

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This may sound absurd, but salary is a pretty big deal in my country (as well as my family), because it’s hard to make a living hefe, unfortunately. Which one do you think will give me various job opportunities or careers?

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Oh. Well, I’m still in my younger years of high school so I don’t know much about college. I’m guessing Rad Tech might give you more options??

I think you should do Rad Tech.
Only do psy if you are planning to further it (masters)

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