I need help here ASAP!

I’m putting my 2nd limelight female characterization template and there is an error where it says “Updo Hairstyles” can somebody help me?!

Screenshot of the error?

Can you also post a screenshot of the error box`? What does the error say?

The error box is talking about something else that i have already fixed.

From what I can see here, it looks more like a spelling error :thinking:

It’s spelled right though

I’m not saying that you spelled it wrong. It’s just that the writer portal “thinks” that this is a spelling error. I don’t know why :unamused: but you don’t need to worry about it, it won’t affect anything :+1:

I need help . I’m doing a female characterization template which is limelight and there’s an error where it says “Updo Hairstyles”

Can you show a screenshot or copy and paste the error here?

Hi. There’s no need to create duplicate topics :wink::

I just need help. If u dont understand that then oh well

It is against the forums rules to create duplicate topics :ok_hand: if you look back on the other topic, you will see that I have already answered you.


@Alexx.lapakka is right, you can’t create duplicate topics, I know you need help, but creating duplicates is against the guidelines. Don’t worry, we’re all here to help you in any way we can :+1:

And from the screenshot, I am sorry to say but your error isn’t there. It could be somewhere else in your script. What is the box on the left side saying? :heart:

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Nevermind i have it now. Thanks. :kissing_heart:

OK, glad to hear :+1:

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