I need help,how do you make a character enter on the screen and go to a specific spot?


This is the script:
@CHARACTER enters from left to screen left AND CHARACTER walks to spot 0.857 36 111
&CHARACTER spot 0.857 36 111 in zone 1 at layer 2 AND CHARACTER is think
The fact is that the spot instead of being 0.857 36 111 change in 1.280 36 111 but I don’t understand why


You can just do:

@CHARACTER enters from left to  
spot x y

In your case:

@CHARACTER enters from left to spot 0.857 36 111

Hope this helps! :wink:


@CHARACTER enters from left to spot 0.857 36 111


Thank you :slight_smile:


Thank youu :slight_smile:


Happy to help! :wink:


in my script I have…

“Chelsea” {


gain PICKED_“Chelsea”}

“Samuel” {
And the error message is asking me if I forgot to capitalize the first word
But it still doesn’t work if it’s capitalized


“Chelsea” {


gain PICKED_Chelsea {

} “Samuel” {

So far these are the corrections I would make.
I’m not sure what your gain name is exactly but it shouldnt have quotation marks, and one of your brackets was facing the wrong way and then you were missing one.


Thank you. :slight_smile:


Thank youu. :slight_smile:


This solve your problem @Maria_Erika? :slight_smile:


Yes :slight_smile:


So glad this got resolved! Closing thread :v:t2: